America’s Love-Hate Triangle


The White Man knows exactly who The Black Woman is and the threat she poses. He knows she’s The Black Goddess Power to Be!  The White Man with his agenda to control and rule  seeks to destroy her. His fathers before him passed down stories of The Black Woman’s wrath and warned The White Man about the dangers of her backlash.  As a result, The White Man strategizes to keep her close, where he can manipulate her powers and use them to his advantage.  Whether The Black Woman is in The White Man’s bed or business, he both desires and despises her.


He is mystified by her CREATION. Behind Vatican doors, he secretively worships at the feet of her cosmic, ancestral and magical Godliness but knowingly presents a falsified white image of himself as savior and God!  The Black Woman’s gum-popping, head rolling, finger-snapping DEFIANCE, DETERMINATION, LEADERSHIP, FEARLESSNESS, MATERNITY,  and BRAVERY (just to name a few) are historically UNMATCHED!  No other woman on the planet can provide the receipts to prove how they fought, mothered, loved, survived and created while being classified and treated as nothing more than CHATTEL!  It is this brazen, firey feminity that makes The Black Woman irresistable to The White Man.  Her unyielding strength matches his machismo.

Oprah is right!  “Their Time is Up!”  It’s time to regain a matriarchal position of power that destroys white supremacy and nurtures a balance of the sexes without becoming the evil that tried to destroy us. We also have to protect the missions, visions, names and narratives of our fight.  The recent shift from racism to sexism is another ploy to distract from the larger cause.  Sad to say, we were tricked into trading the racism card for a sexism one (once again)! Goddesses, we can’t bring pussy to a white supremacy fight! OUR MISSION IS MUCH BIGGER, BLACK WOMEN!  We have survived being legally raped and working for no pay! And anyway, the majority of us ain’t falling for white men’s  DICKtatorship unless we give our consent.

The “white women’s liberation is equal to racism” card is played whenever needle-moving strides and waves are made to unveil and dismantle white supremacy! Of course, sexism and racism share a similar strand, but it’s not at the core. White supremacy is the father of all “isms”.  Bob Marley told us, “Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery, none but ourselves can free our minds.” Black women, white women can’t liberate us! They too, are pawns in the system. They may be sympathetic to our causes, but don’t let the marches, hashtags and poster boards fool you!  They don’t possess the DNA of Nzinga!  We’re once again involving ourselves in a fight that is not ours to own. We will be left outdoors if and when white women decide to return home and stand by their men. But can we judge them? We are in love with an oppressor that admits to hating us, so how can we fault white women for being complicit when that same oppressor claims to love them.

They say Goddess doesn’t give us anything we can’t handle.  We can handle being called undesirable and ugly.  We can handle being the Angry Black Woman.  We can handle being copied but not credited.  We can handle being abandoned and unprotected. We can handle being labeled too strong…too mouthy…too much to be loved. Most importantly, we survived slavery: therefore, we can handle crazy, narcissistic ass white men who plan to destroy Mother Planet before they’re annihilated.  So allow me to add what even OPRAH could not say: IT IS NOW THE BLACK WOMAN’S TIME!



I’m Not Interested!




Why demand an apology from someone you know doesn’t give five f&%$# about you?  Seriously!  If I already know who you are because your actions have shown me time and time again, why would I expect sincerity from your apology.  This shit infuriates me!  I hate to see Black people begging racist white folks…WHO THEY ALREADY KNOW COULD CARE LESS ABOUT THEM…to apologize for the remarks and actions they INTENTIONALLY make.  It looks weak as hell to me!

And furthermore, the fact that you’re even bothered by the thoughts and actions of an ignorant ass racist makes me question your proclaimed self-worth.  If you really believe you are deserving of respect, the earth’ scum couldn’t wipe the shit off the bottom of your shoes…let alone fix their mouths to offend you!   When a racist shows his true face, it’s the best gift he can give you.  It helps you to stay out your feelings, and to save your energy for people much more deserving. People of color, STOP ASKING RACIST WHITE FOLKS TO APOLOGIZE FOR THE RACIST SHIT THEY SAY AND DO!  Instead, thank them for giving you a heads up.

Now if your human-esteem survives off the validation of those who have disdain for you, then by all means, beg for your apologies.  That way, I will know to keep my distance from your self-hating ass! Because any person of color crying for an apology from racist white people is clearly not a friend of mine.  You obviously consider your enemy’s opinions and hatred far more superior than the supreme love shared among the rest of us…despite our racial makeup and differences!


Do You Think You’re UGLY?


Whyyyyyyyyy Gaaaawddess??!

My fingers hurt from having to even type this mess!  Black people, we do more talking about our magic, swag, melanin and sauce than  a lil’ a bit!  But as soon as a few pigmented-free peons challenge our royal beauty, we get our crowns in a crunch!  We already know we are the most forgiving species on the planet when it comes to other folks.  So let’s stop pretending that we require more than fake ass apologies to win back our customer loyalty.  Shall we list the many brands and companies we still support  after discovering some racist or distasteful thing they directly or indirectly did to offend us.

Allow me to start. My two self-published children books are being sold on Amazon right now!  You know how many negative reports surface about Jeff Bezos‘ business practices on a daily?  But because his platform conveniently benefits me, I quietly justify using  his billion dollar company to sell my books and make purchases.  He is currently reported as the richest person of all times.  Just imagine how many other businesses  I would have to “un-business” in order to boycott this man?!  Call it what you may, but my skin is too historically thick to be bothered by racist innuendos.  Miss me with the self-hating marketing ploys and subtleties of a few jealous or ignorant racists using their position, power and platform to push a Black Ugly campaign while pretending they don’t think Black is MOST Beautiful!  If they don’t go sit down somewhere and read the Isis Papers!