Many Blogs…Only One Me!


Tooooooo many blogs to choose from….I know!  And though you might have accidentally stumbled upon this one, I’m glad you’re here.  Hi!  My name is Sandra.  Those I like call me San…NOT SANDY! And of course, Sangoddess works too! I have worn many wigs in my nearly fifty years of living so I have plenty to say about personal, work, social and family relationships.  What else is there?  We are all here to discover our purpose and follow a life plan while respecting others who are attempting to do the same.

I appreciate all readers, but I blog for selfish reasons. I may not respond to you in a timely fashion.  I may not post regularly.  We may not agree.  I am definitely going to use some profanity.  Through it all, I promise to give my Honest-to-Goddess Truth!  I will speak on many subjects.  It will simply depend on my thought for the day.  I’m a Pisces so get ready to swim in shallow and deep waters.  I will try not to hold you under water too long.  I know how short of breath most of our attention spans are during these tag, tweet, text and snap days.  Meanwhile, shhh…and allow Sangoddess to speak with you!