I’m Not Interested!




Why demand an apology from someone you know doesn’t give five f&%$# about you?  Seriously!  If I already know who you are because your actions have shown me time and time again, why would I expect sincerity from your apology.  This shit infuriates me!  I hate to see Black people begging racist white folks…WHO THEY ALREADY KNOW COULD CARE LESS ABOUT THEM…to apologize for the remarks and actions they INTENTIONALLY make.  It looks weak as hell to me!

And furthermore, the fact that you’re even bothered by the thoughts and actions of an ignorant ass racist makes me question your proclaimed self-worth.  If you really believe you are deserving of respect, the earth’ scum couldn’t wipe the shit off the bottom of your shoes…let alone fix their mouths to offend you!   When a racist shows his true face, it’s the best gift he can give you.  It helps you to stay out your feelings, and to save your energy for people much more deserving. People of color, STOP ASKING RACIST WHITE FOLKS TO APOLOGIZE FOR THE RACIST SHIT THEY SAY AND DO!  Instead, thank them for giving you a heads up.

Now if your human-esteem survives off the validation of those who have disdain for you, then by all means, beg for your apologies.  That way, I will know to keep my distance from your self-hating ass! Because any person of color crying for an apology from racist white people is clearly not a friend of mine.  You obviously consider your enemy’s opinions and hatred far more superior than the supreme love shared among the rest of us…despite our racial makeup and differences!